It’s Time: Take Personal Responsibility For Your Online Safety!

Rather than make excuses, take responsibility, educate yourself, and start making better decisions. You’ll be much more satisfied with the results.

Staying safe online requires more than just installing anti-virus software. It also requires that you have some understanding of the threats that are out there and how to avoid them. There are many things you can do that will undermine your anti-virus software’s protection. Social engineering, a popular technique among hackers and cyber criminals, is just one way that the bad guys can manipulate you into doing something that undermines your protection without you ever even realizing or understanding the weight of what you’ve done.

Technology allows us to do many great things, but it is not magic, it is not perfect, and we should never assume it can do everything for us. Anti-virus software is a tool to keep you safe, but as anyone should know, a tool is only useful in the hands of someone who knows how to use it properly and safely. A table saw is not useful in the hands of someone who will likely cut their hand off because they do not understand how to safely use it. Just as if you make a mistake and cut your hand off with a saw, you cannot hold Sears at fault for your injury, you cannot hold an anti-virus vendor at fault for getting infected if you don’t understand how to use your anti-virus software safely and effectively. Remember, you are personally responsible for learning how to use any tool you purchase, this includes your anti-virus software.


Just like this table saw, AV software is a tool that you must learn to use correctly. If you do not understand how to use it correctly then you may not find yourself very satisfied with the results.


A great way to better understand how to use your anti-virus software correctly, how malware infects you, what sort of sites to avoid, and what the latest and most effective threats are, is to become a member of the AVG Facebook Community! At the AVG Community you’ll find highly skilled AVG employees, as well as helpful and knowledgeable volunteers such as myself, who can and will answer any questions you may have, as well as help you troubleshoot any problems you’re having with your computer, AVG related or not! You’ll also get information on the latest threats and how to stay safe online right in your newsfeed! But don’t worry, AVG limits the daily posts so that they never overfill your newsfeed with too many posts. So come be a part of the most helpful online community on Facebook to take advantage of these great benefits and take personal responsibility for your online safety!


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